Kraftwerk started out long before my interest in electronic music did, which was about 1979, I was into Gary Numan, Ultravox, John Foxx and Human League. Whilst wandering around record shops in Leicester, Revolver, to be precise, I heard the most amazing sounds as they played the album Computer World. I bought it and almost drove my parents insane with my constant playing of it!

I was lucky enough to see them live at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester, in 1981 doing the Computer World Tour. Probably one of the most life changing gigs of my life. Shortly after I caught up with their other work by buying an album every week and playing it solidly for the week! (Saturday was my day to go into Leicester with my school mates and trawl the record shops. Revolver and Ainleys were my favourites, sadly both long gone)

Kraftwerk, in my opinion were one of the most innovative bands of all time and they were pioneers of the electronic music age, always managing to remain one step ahead and with almost every other electronic music band at the time acknowledging that fact.

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