Electronic Music

It’s difficult to exactly say when electronic music actually started. It has existed in various forms going back over the years but its real emergence was after the invention of the synthesiser. Along with drum machines and sequencers the basics were then all in place. Over the years the equipment for electronic music production has fallen drastically in price. Once upon a time getting a synthesiser, a drum machine, a sequencer and something to record them on would cost you about the same price as a house. Now with a computer it can all be done with a few free plugins!

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However it can be much more fun using dedicated hardware, like we had to do before computers came along. There is still a huge market for electronic music production devices and some have even seen a resurgence since computers came along, the modular synthesiser for instance, a whole industry has built up with loads of new manufacturers producing modules.

There are also many people who have decided to dabble in the world of electronics and build their own. This site will attempt to cover the subject with equipment from the past to the current as well as information and reviews of electronic albums, again from the past to the current.