Bluetooth Headset BSH10

I’m a bit of a fan of headphones. I like the isolation from the world that they give you and I find you can get that bit closer to the music. I’ve always heard more detail with headphones; even the less expensive ones seem to be clearer than loudspeakers, even expensive ones. I’ve never been a fan of the cable that you have connecting your head to the amplifier though, especially when you forget about it and reach the end of your lead!

With the rise of the cordless headphones it was only a matter of time before I finally succumbed. Not wanting to spend a fortune I looked at what was available and weighed up the price/performance aspect and finally plumped for the BSH10 Bluetooth 2.1 Wireless Stereo Headphones/Headset from Amazon.

Initially I was a bit worried that I had ordered the wrong thing as the package seemed way too small. Upon opening I found that the device folds into a very small size. Another reason for their small size is that they don’t actual go over your head as I expected, the band goes behind your neck. Unexpected for me but isn’t any problem either. Apart from being small they are also light.

You charge them up by plugging a miniature USB plug into them and plugging the other end of the lead either into a charger or a USB socket on your computer or laptop. I have so far used my computers front USB port to charge them with no problems, uneventfully, just the way I like it! When you plug them in initially the LED glows red but after a couple of hours it goes off to indicate that the headphones a fully charged.

All the controls are in one side of the headset and you turn them on by holding the large middle button on for a few seconds. Initially you have to pair them to the device you want to use. Full instructions are given in the included leaflet and it’s all pretty straight forward. At first I paired them with my phone, a windows 8 HTC 8X, that worked fine whilst walking around the streets I could have the unobtrusive headset on and the phone in my pocket. Not having a lead trailing about was fantastic! There are buttons on the headset to control volume as well as for selecting tracks. I had to remove the headset to see where the buttons were to do this but I’m sure after using it for a while you would get used to doing this while wearing it.

I also tried it with my tablet and my netbook with a Bluetooth adapter with no problems to report. It’s also worth noting from the instructions that the headset contains a microphone and you can use it to make and receive calls when paired with your phone. It also mentions being compatible with voice dialling if your phone supports it, so you could probably use it as a hands free kit. The instructions also mention using it with Skype, but I haven’t tried using any of these functions yet.

The sound quality is also good for listening to music, you don’t get the deep bass or the very crisp highs but I don’t think it will disappoint many because it sounds better than you think it will, if that makes sense. The headphones last for several hours before you need to recharge them; also they seem to hold the charge between uses. You can pick them up a few weeks after you last used them and they will still work. You also get a warning that they will soon need recharging as the red LED starts to flash.

Overall after a few months use I am very happy with these phones, I still haven’t used them as a headset as such using the microphone so I can’t comment on that, but for listening to music on the go they fit the bill for me. They are small and light, fold up, sound nice and are comfortable to wear and they last for a long time between charges and always seem to work when you switch them on and want to use them. For me that’s quite an important issue in hindsight. I have some gadgets that just don’t hold a charge, you turn them on and nothing, which means in reality they never get used! That’s something I can’t say about these they have and are, getting plenty of use, which in my opinion is the best judge of the usefulness of a product. Not having that wire anymore is great!